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Tektro 160mm Rotor

The Tektro 160180203 mm mountain bicycle hydraulic disc brake Rotor is a sensational way for admirers wanting for a powerful and durable brake rotor, it is manufactured of durable materials that will long serve the cycling community. The Rotor is from the trusted Tektro brand and comes in a variety of colors to tailor any cycling situation.

Tektro 160mm Rotor Ebay

The Tektro 160 mm Rotor is an 6 bolt wavy 160-8 9 g disk brake, it aus stock and will fit most vehicles. It is fabricated from precision aluminum and gives an 9 g disc pattern for low rpm performance, it is and expensive price for a quality product. High strength stainless steel Rotor that is first-class for mtb bikes, it is a durable Rotor that will provide you with high strength and high strength performance. It is a large diameter Rotor that peerless for mtb bikes, while its large size and high strength make it a fantastic substitute for other bike types as well, the Tektro Rotor is an 6-bolt, alloy-alloy steel brake Rotor that is designed to provide smooth, efficient performance on bicycles. The rotors are build to provide a low-lag experience with a long service life, the rotors are made of steel for and alloys for longevity. The Rotor options with either a black or white anodized finish, the Tektro 16 mm Rotor is fantastic for road bikes or 2 electric bikes. It renders an air flow of 6 bolts and is silver in color.