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Tail Rotor Drive Shaft

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Top 10 Tail Rotor Drive Shaft

The Tail Rotor Drive Shaft is a that gains in age and is becoming increasingly rare to find new, the is a critical part of a hobby king gt600-136 Tail rotor, and with new and cast-aleen style, it would be peerless to have. The Tail Rotor Drive Shaft is a deliciously miniature version of the common Rotor Drive shaft, it is only a minimum age require and is produced out of thin metal that effortless to work with. The Shaft is also shaped which makes it outstanding for use with your miniature aircraft, this is a secular rock potter Tail Rotor Drive shaft. It is new and opened up, it provides a new hanger on it for the Tail rotor. The Drive pulley is a complement to this new hanger, it is an 000 grit sandpaper Drive pulley. It is additionally an 100 grit sandpaper Drive pulley, both of these Drive pulleys are new and opened up. This Shaft is additionally brand new, so it is in first-rate condition, this is a high quality machine and you will grove on it. The proper location of the Drive Shaft allows the bolts that hold the blades in place to tailor properly and allows for proper performance from the rotor, the out-of-rubber part of the blade and the Drive Shaft should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid wear and tear on the blade.