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Kitchenaid Rotor Slicer/shredder Shaft

The Kitchenaid Rotor Slicer Shredder blade is an unequaled accessory for your Kitchenaid Rotor slicer, it is produced of durable plastic and offers a black shaggy hair style. The blade gives a legends on it that tells the user how many times the blade provides been used and how much food it imparts shredded.

Kitchenaid Rotor Slicer

The Kitchenaid Rotor Slicer is a best-in-class alternative to reduce food waste while in the kitchen, the blade gives two moving parts that make it straightforward to move around the kitchen, while the Shaft holds the blade the Rotor Slicer is again attachment for most kitchen vehicles. The Kitchenaid Rotor Slicer Shredder is dandy for clear vegetables like carrots, celery, and the blade is shredding uncomplicated to hold and moving quickly through the material, the viewfinder makes it facile to measure by eye. The attachment for the Rotor Slicer is straightforward to handle and allows for accurate measurement, the blade is hard and does not make any noise when in use. The Kitchenaid Rotor Slicer Shredder manual is a valuable tool for an admirer who wants to clean their kitchen without having to go through every nook and cranny, this tool gives a large, shallow sink and plates that can be easily seen in the dark. The attachment system makes it straightforward to move pieces around in the slicer, and the blade change system ensures even distribution of food, the manual says that the Rotor Slicer Shredder stands can be attached to a mixer or shrimper, and they also list the Kitchenaid Rotor Slicer Shredder stand mixer attachment as a product that can be attached to a Kitchenaid Rotor Slicer Shredder replacement parts blade Shaft is for the Kitchenaid Rotor Slicer Shredder it is a sterling replacement for the lost or forgotten part of your machine. The 4 cones style blade Shredder makes it effortless to get the job done, the replacement parts blade.