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Honda Rotor Screws Size

Looking for a quality Honda Rotor screws? Look no further than our we have a wide selection of Honda Rotor Screws for you to find an outstanding pair for your bike, whether you need them for an already existing wheel or as a new addition, we have a first-class set of Rotor Screws for you. Plus, our customer service is keyed up to help you through this process! No matter what you order, we'll make sure to help you get a top-grade solution for your needs, so come see us today and see the best surrogate to keep your Honda compatible bike.

Honda Rotor Removal Bolt Size

This information is for the Honda prelude brake Rotor set screw 27946 sz, this is an used Honda Rotor Screws set. It is in good condition and renders some minor use, it is for the r and this is a first-rate set of Rotor Screws for your Honda accord. They come in 17 sizes and are set at a sprocket level, this makes them uncomplicated to operate and set up. The Screws are r and r and will help keep your car running smoothly, removing the Rotor from a Honda 17 x4. 25 rear wheel is not as difficult as you may think, all you need is to remove the screw from the front wheel. Once the screw is removed, the work of extermination is over.