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Dye Rotor R2

Looking for a surrogate to win some paintballs in paintball? Dye Rotor R2 is a top-rated loader for that! With its carbon blue color, this loader is sure to br some joy, other loaders in the market can bring you down, but not Dye Rotor r2. It's sure to br some joy with its ability to paintball win some paintballs.

Dye R2 Rotor

The Dye Rotor R2 is an electronic paintball hopper loader that is used to load paintballs into the rotor, the Rotor is produced up of different materials that allow for different performance goals, such as strength and lightness control. The Rotor can be built from metal, plastic, or brass, the loaders also come in a variety of colors and designs, making it a fun and unique loader. The Dye Rotor 2 is a paintball loader that allows you to paint on soil, rock, or a variety of other objects, the loader is likewise capable of picking up paint from an attached brush, and returning it to the container on its own. This makes it sterling for use in paintball or in other areas where paint is needed quickly and easily, the Dye precision loader Rotor is a high quality and durable paintball loader that can be used to attend paintball events or use it as a preferred paintball tool in your. The Rotor is fabricated of durable materials that will never corrode or tarnish, making it a great, the Dye Rotor R2 is an electronic paintball loader that allows players to paint balls using authentic Dye ball loaders. The loader allows for a black or blue ice color mix, while the Rotor ensures even paint distribution, the loader is uncomplicated to operate with an on-screen interface and is enabled by default. The black blue or ice color can be edited in the loader.