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Dye Dam Box Rotor

This Dye Dam Box Rotor is new and maintaining its condition with its retaining clip, it is a good alternative for use with black Rotor models. The clip is sturdy and won't lose its grip and keep your machine going.

Dye Box Rotor

Dye Box Rotor with black or red dye, this Box is without dye. We have an 10 pack of this new Dye bolt tip o-ring for this machine, this is a new Dye Rotor box. It extends a new Dye Rotor Box bolt tip o-ring, it is 10 packs and it will fit most rotors. This is a Dye Dam with a Box Rotor paintball hopper loader, it is an exceptional loader for black paintball. It can be used for dye, machine, and paintball loads, the Box Rotor electronic paintball hopper can hold up to 000 of power. The black paintball hopper will fill with paint and load with the Dye dam, the Dye Dam can be removed for cleaning. This Dye Rotor shell is produced of high quality plastic and provides a comfortable fit, it is in like manner made of plastic and grants a comfortable feel. It is top-rated for use with our.