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Disc Brake Rotor Adapter

Looking for an alternative to increase your mtb bike's Brake force while allowing you to ride faster? This Adapter allows you to operate a Rotor from a Brake light or caliper with 160180203 mm from an 160180203 mm Brake light, made from durable all-purpose materials, this part is unrivalled for suitors with a fast ride or who need an extra Brake force.

Magura QM 45 Disc Brake Adapter 180mm-220mm Rotor Front / 140mm-180mm Rotor Rear

Magura QM 45 Disc Brake

By Magura


CDHPOWER Rear Hub Disc Brake Rotor Adapter -48cc/66cc/80cc Gas Motorized Bicycle
2 pair Shimano Center Lock Hub to 6 Bolt Disc Brake Rotor Adapter SM-RTAD05 NIB

Rotor Mount

This is a Rotor mount for bike that is performance by mounting a Brake rotors on a bracket in place of more traditional Brake pads, the bracket allows for different modulation of shock and pedaling movement, while the adaptor us provides the best adjustment range for shock pressure and pedal travel. The Rotor mount is necessary to ensure stable and rapid bike performance, this is a Rotor Adapter that attaches to the mtb bike to allow for pm Brake mount adapters to be used with standard 18 mm adapters. The length of the Rotor Adapter is 180 503 mm, it is fabricated of durable materials to ensure years of use. The Rotor Adapter also features a built-in Brake mount, making it splendid for use with standard 18 mm Brake mount adapters, this is a Rotor adaptor for bicycle freewheels. It is that it is necessary to suit a wheel with a Rotor on the end of it, the Rotor is then adapted to the wharf by having a flange on one side that matches the shape of the wheel, and the hub on the other. The hub and Rotor are then brought to the work or finish by moving the flange away from the wheel and away from the rotor, this sram 220 mm Rotor Adapter is an excellent alternative to adapt an old Rotor to a new post mount location. It styles an entire Brake system in new look and feels new, this is a must have for any bike.