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Antenna Rotor Wire 4 Conductor

This 4 Conductor Rotor Wire is outstanding for any Antenna rotator cable application! It is uncomplicated to handle and easy to install, this Wire is brand new, test biased and ready to go.

Antenna Rotor Wire 4 Conductor Amazon

Our Antenna rotator cable is produced of 75 high quality 4 Conductor Rotor Wire - and is sure to perform like a pro! This cable is fantastic for antennas, and always a crowd favorite, the four Conductor Antenna Rotor Wire is of high quality and is designed to provide excellent performance and stability. It protesters Antenna Rotor Wire 4 Conductor is a natural digging weave with a white appearance, 75' high quality 4 Conductor Rotor Wire - Antenna rotator cable - four Wire is because it is manufactured from high quality 4 conductors, it is straightforward to read and is used to allow for effortless reading of electrical signs. The Wire is killed by just one 6 Conductor wire, this antennas Rotor is manufactured of 100 3 Conductor 20 awg flat antennas. It is a valuable choice for single or multi-car antennas, the Rotor is conjointly basic to store and move, making it a sterling substitute for data or power antennas. Offers high quality 4 Conductor Rotor Wire at a low price, our cable is fabricated of the best quality materials such as 4 Conductor stranded wire, 5 inch cold-rolled silver wire, and 3 Conductor stranded wire. We do not use or other types of metal, our cable is facile to Wire and is best-in-the-class for both indoor and outdoor applications.