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200mm Rotor Adapter

This is a post- mount brake caliper Adapter for the 200 mm and 40 mm wheels, it allows use of an 40 mm or 200 mm Rotor with a post-mount brake caliper without. This is an essential tool for riders and helped provide stability and compatibility with their wheels.

200mm Rotor Adapter Amazon

This is a north shore billet brake adaptor - 20 mm 180 mm post mount to 200 mm Rotor black, it is necessary to create a new brake compatible unit for your bike. This is a hayes post disc brake adaptor for is mount front and rear rotor, it is required for shoppers who covet to handle an 200 mm Rotor engine with an is mount drive. The adaptor allows the engine to run at it's proper speed and torque without feeling "sticky", it as well required for shoppers who use a rev-happy engine and need an adaptor that doesn't make the engine turn to a "fog" during range. This is an 200 mm Rotor Adapter that we can use to mount our north shore billet brake adaptor 20 mm 180 mm post mount to 200 mm rotor, the Adapter will allow us to do this easily and at a much lower cost than buying a separate rotor. This disc 40 mm is adaptor is for front and rear rotors, it fits up to 200 mm in diameter and is manufactured of durable materials. It renders a stylish design and is an outstanding addition to your build.